When I was in University I had a dorm-sized refrigerator and I swore never again would I live with one milk container filling my fridge and a freezer the size of one ice cream sandwich. So I answer, “No, I shop at Costco.” And the jaws drop.

Chasing Icebergs in T-shirts

And that’s how I ended up chasing icebergs in my t-shirt. The famous 2017 Ferryland iceberg, some of you may have seen it on Facebook, even waited for my arrival in Newfoundland before leaving the bay and going back out to sea.  And Nathan got to see his first ever iceberg!

Nicaragua: Living Large Continues

115 days! That's how long Nicaragua and my backpack have been my home. In those days we’ve traveled throughout most of the country. As our time in Nicaragua has been coming to an end I've been reading while we travel. I read these words and they spoke my experience,

“That was the irony of travel. The bigger the distance between you and the familiar grew, the smaller and safer and friendlier the world felt."   

What Tiny Living Has Given Me

Financial freedom is my goal, but tiny living has definitely not given it to me. I had to take a loan out to finish my tiny house. A minalmilst mindset just doesn't describe me. I'm a confirmed practicalist. Which I define as "own as many "I use every week" items as possible."  Freetime has also not been given to me. My experience is that I spend more time cleaning the tiny house than my apartment because you can always see the mess and the dust...

But what tiny living has given me is the outdoors.`

The Tiny Budget

We've been living in the tiny house for 4.5 months. Many of our readers have been asking, "How much does it cost to live in a tiny house?"  We thought we'd outline some of our expenses here to give you an idea of what our monthly TINY budget looks like.

Tiny House Tour Part I

It has almost been three months living in the tiny house and it is about time for a tiny house tour. Quick and simple, you get a tour and introduced to 4 items we appreciate in our tiny home. Want more? Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on our vlogs and blogs.