Meet the Wahl's


Hello, we are JUST WAHLS

A prediction was made at our wedding, “In three years, we would be living in a pink container house in Squamish B.C. with a little girl named Summer Rain”. In just over a year and a half we are surprisingly on our way to a similar story; besides the kid part.

Yes, tiny homes are the rage. And yes, we fell for it!

But, for us, it provides a path that leads to a simple and intentional life. 

We are nurses and after each shift we come home thinking the same thing, “I sure am tired” and “We need to live life intentionally every hour, day, month, and year”. Our plan for tiny living is not to do or come up with anything new, but to learn from people who have lived in and with much less than we have, to share our experience with you, and to be people who DO rather than BE.

So live tiny with us! Ask us questions (Facebook or here on our blog) to help you on your journey towards tiny or intentional living, challenge us to live tiny in ways you think aren’t possible or just live vicariously through our tiny experience.