We want to live life intentionally, define simple and enjoy what is out our front door. For us it starts with living in a tiny house.

Why Tiny Confession: It's Personal

Why Tiny Confession: It's Personal

Hey there friends!

We are officially tiny home owners. And we love it!

Is it weird that I am nervous to tell you that?

I’ve tested the words “tiny house” out on a few of you and I  know that I get one of three reactions:

  • LOVE IT: that’s always been MY dream

  • HATE IT: you seriously live in a space that small? I could never do that

  • WHAT IS IT?: I’VE never heard of that before

One thing I’ve noticed is that those words “tiny house” bring about a personal response. You are probably imagining yourself in a tiny house right now. Either trying to fit your clothes in one miniature closet or curled up cozily in your loft looking out your skylight...ok it’s personal.

The first time I ever tested the words “tiny house” out on someone I told a friend, “I’m going to live in a tiny house.” My heart was racing because I was nervous about the response. The first time I showed a co-worker a picture my hands were shaking because I didn’t know how they were going to respond. What I’ve learned from people’s responses is A TINY HOUSE IS PERSONAL.

If I had solidified my reasons on paper from the beginning the angst in my heart would have been less to people’s responses and most importantly I would have had the words to boldly answer everyone's inevitable question “WHY?” In the beginning I thought, "I don’t need to spend a second thinking about this or writing it down." But writing things down solidifies ones soon-to-be reality and may someday even serve as a reminder for the reasons and life goals that inspired me to go tiny. So here are my PERSONAL REASONS for choosing tiny living:

1. Wheels - travel nursing has always been my goal. Now I can take my home with me and not have to “move” all the time (I’ve moved 5 times in 1.5 years of marriage). 

2. Store it - I do international travel nursing and keeping short term rentals was difficult and expensive. Now, if I choose, I can put my home in storage and it will be waiting for me the day I return.

3. Home - it feels like home. It’s not an RV (a later blog will answer why a THOW over an RV) yurt, or someone else's rental. It's built just like a house and it's my home.  

4. Live Intentionally - I want to learn to live intentionally in all aspects of life and I feel that tiny living will launch me into learning this like no other living arrangement I considered. 

I designed every inch of my tiny house and it is an expression of who the JUST WAHLS are. It’s my home.




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