We want to live life intentionally, define simple and enjoy what is out our front door. For us it starts with living in a tiny house.

Tiny House Tour - Before We Move In

Tiny House Tour - Before We Move In

Wow, how did we get here? The tiny house is ready for us to move in!

Six months ago the house was my sketch on white computer paper, then it was a computer rendered image from our builders, and a quick 3 months later it is ready for us to move into. The entire process moved faster than I had imagined. We had to make so many decisions and when one’s tiny house is being built 140 miles away from where you live that means many miles driven to see the build.

And now I stand ready to open the French doors of MY HOME!

Here’s our tiny house tour: BEFORE WE MOVE IN

But first, I know that you are probably wanting to see photos of our tiny house lived in. Those will come as we live in it (I promise). When I was researching, eating, and breathing tiny houses I read, watched, and looked at every blog, HGTV tiny house episode, documentary, and book and still craved more of the everyday actuality of tiny living. So I have a passion for that side of tiny living, but today enjoy the crisp, staged, and soon-to-be lived in look of our tiny house.


Welcome to the JUST WAHLS tiny house.

Our incredible builders were Mint Tiny Homes. Our tiny house is built on a 24 foot trailer is approximately 8.6ft wide and most importantly 13.6 feet tall. We don’t want to hit any bridges or power lines when we move it. These measurements all make the house road legal.

Our living room with the above 3x8 storage loft. I think the living room  will be my favorite spot in the house. I have dreamed of curling up on my couch with my blanket and book by the wood stove with a view out my French doors - cozy bliss.

Our galley style kitchen featuring full sink, stove with oven, and fridge. Our bonus features are bar style folding table, pullout trash can, and pantry.

The 9X7 sleeping loft. I can’t wait to make this space a cozy little nook. One of the most asked question is will I be able to sit-up in it. Yes! Will my husband Nathan, No! He’ll figure something out though. We already love our windows, skylight, USB plug-ins, and a must feature is the 3-way light switch controlling the main floor lights.

The Bathroom. The room that everyone asks the most questions about. This compact room will work perfectly for us. I was surprised that our builders could fit all theses features in and we still have room to move. It simply contains our shower, sink, and flush toilet. Although we do have the hook-ups for a composting toilet.

That’s the tour of the tiny house - BEFORE WE MOVE IN.

Our first home. We couldn’t be more excited to be a homeowners. We’ve worked hard to make it here. LET'S MOVE IN!

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